Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Confession #1 ~ i'm 22 yers ol but i can't believe it. i owez think n act like i'm younger than my real age.

Confession #2 ~ i love beach. you know what? i come from rural area (far from sea far from beach) n i dont know how can i love beach

Confession #3 ~ i love waterfall

Confession #4 ~ i like riding motorcycle than driving car. i know i should change this later.

Confession #5 ~ i love my mum, my dad & my brother but i never love my sister....hehehe

Confession #6 ~ my favourite subject : math & "P.Akaun" when i was at high school.

Confession #7 ~ i never think that i'll be a teacher before i come here (IPGM)

Confession #8 ~ i love music & try to learn many music instruments including traditional instrument

Confession #9 ~ i'm rasist. this is bad & i know it...huhuhu

Confession #10 ~ this gonna b d last confession for tonight.... i always fall in love (girl) without any reason. this is my bad. i dont know why.

*the only one thing you all should know is, i'm not perfect & never want to be perfect... i love who i'm...simple style, simple work, simple though, simple guy & simple in everything...never to serious & everything gonna be easy then life will be wonderfull...gudnite all...

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