Sunday, October 30, 2011


As we celebrate Halloween, we want to know if you think you can survive a zombie attack in your country. Share with everyone what you would do? What will be your survival plan? What’s on your must-have list in order to live through a zombie outbreak? Let's see how creative and innovative you can be in your answers. :)

a/w..hepi halloween evryone.....



Ben7_Legacy said...

besok baru halloween la angau. mcm mana maw kac pop-out tu comment?

Ang'Gau said...

xkisah ari ni @ xcited suda celebrate halloween... Gaya x buat ka 2? hehehe

pop out comment? ko p setting...ada tu setting tuk bhgn komen.. ko pilih pop out window~

Ben7_Legacy said...


Gaya nda taw tu angau.kalo ada kan best. byk hantu2 hidup b'keliaran d gaya nnt. wakkakak