Saturday, May 7, 2011

~lurve u mum~

salam sejahtera smua
slmt mnyambut ari ibu buat semua ibu2 d M'sia
especially 2 my lurvely mum
lurve u so much,mum
thnx coz take care of me since i was a little kid
i'm proud of u coz never give up on son like me
every little time, i can see a smile on ur face
although, sometime it's hurt

*gambar ni sya dapat dari internet...
mohon maaf & mohon mminjam kpd pemilik....
ap mother's day mum
thnx coz b my mum
& take care of me
btw,forgives all my fault
its not my intention 2 hurt ur heart
lurve u mum
mGBU owez

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