Saturday, April 2, 2011

wE r tHe ChAmPiOn...!!!

it was a nice day...
we have won the league title...
(defeat 4 other teams)
it was the 1st title i won in football tournament..
(at IPG K.Gaya)
> B.M.M.T <
me (LD), shaiful (RMF), boy (CD), tam (RD), syafiq (CMF-s)
pjul (FD), zul (CMF), atan (CMF), haziq (GK), fizi (FD)
can't play : naf(DF) & wing (FD)
team name : BMMT
place : 1st
results :
vs BANZAI (2-0)
vs ANTIVIRUS (1-1)
vs DA_SUSPECT (3-0)
vs STAFF (3-1)
we have another tournament
on 1st May 2011
(anjuran PGSR, klau jadi)
hope it will b the 2nd title...
wish me luck...k...

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